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Misstress Alexya

Customers rated Misstress Alexya 5 out of 5 based on 138 reviews

Seductive, dominant and spoiled! Make Me happy :)
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new fetish? weird

Mar 17th @ 2:16pm EDT

Always excited to share stories with my boys. some new subs have joined soon, what's different is that lately there is a new fashion with teamviewer, i cant say i'm used with this, usually my slaves tribute, serve and spoil me on command, i dont need to struggle, to insist, or i dont need to offer anything for it! Is a tribute any slave should pay only to make me happy without asking anything in return. Teamviewer is a weird tool to fuck up your fetish life....but I still prefer i get the slave on his knees in my room begging me to accept this tributes, rather than asking me to take it from his account. So about that fetish....u better serve me in private and do as i say, better than u wait for me to make time to take what is mine. Beg me to accept, pay and obey !


Feb 23rd @ 3:03pm EST

Princess is very happy, in last week i had a new slave named Sluty steve! He very fast became my number one slave, nothing too bad or too good but the way he serve and obey makes me really happy, I so fucking worth it, Im so happy to make him beg, ruin himself, obsessed with me, I want you all learn and obey this way. I am The Best leader, the best domina, the best boss u ever had, stop thinking , join me now and pay , surprise me, sacrifice yourself to me, save up for me, use your gf's credit card hahaha, so funny and so delicious dangerous in same time, I want all good boys, i want best boys at my feet spoiling me.
By the way ill be traveling for few days, ill leave on 28th and come back on 3rd, this means to my slave steve, im coming back on 3rd of March, until then, u have lot of time to fucking save up money so u can spend on me when i get back, is just few days.

wild weekend

Dec 14th @ 10:36am EST

Just had an amazing party time this weekend ws really wild, i have discovered that when i am in my gf's company i always have good fun time, she was drinking a bit too much and started to kiss me in the club letting all the other losers drool, staring at us , i had so much fun. Now i start a wonderful week, full of energy , ready to milk some wllets, ready to have some fun and find new subs. Join my private chat and lets have a great time. Now is time u transform yourself from a strong men ure in your real life into my personal slave online.

I do understand men

Dec 2nd @ 9:03am EST

I have always understood men. They are much simpler than women. Not that they can't be complex, but the way they think makes a great deal of sense. They are also taught a great many things that often need correcting, which is part of what a Domme is there for. I But I do understand their needs and desires. What they want and some of the reasons behind it. Talking about their fantasies does show a lot about who they are and what they feel.
However the thing is no two men are the same but my open-mind and experience made me understand a lot of things about men. As a Domme you get to learn things about them that only you know. Things they keep from their girlfriends, family and friends but confide or show freely to you.

you better stay close

Nov 21st @ 3:48pm EST

If you're addicted, inlove, or simply like me a lot, u would have to make sure u stay close, that u know when i come online, u follow me and u make sure u serve me, at least u do your best, then i'll consider to keep u on my good boy's list. I will add my good boys on a list and i will reward best of them. Be aware, im addictive and im not joking around. you might become obbsessed with seeing me. I want to have a best boy top list! Soon im going to make you feel privileged to get to be in my presence.

Be my moneyslave

Nov 5th @ 2:35pm EST

I got to meet my first moneyslave on this site, im on this site for 3 weeks and i had lot of submissive boys into different fetishes, but i was hungry for a moneyslave, a good one, last night he went in my private and did everything i asked him to do, he tipped a lot just to see me smile, what a good slave dont u think? This pervert slave was obeying my every fucking command, he did a good job serving me, i want more of that, I deserve more of that ! Come now and serve your Mistress!

Found my shoe addict last night

Nov 3rd @ 3:49pm EST

Last night, crazy night, I have found a men more addicted to my shoes than i thought i could find. He became fast obbsessed with buying it, he paid for it, he begged for it, he sniffed it, licked, it , and finally he got to spend more than 4 hours with me, staring at my shoes, he forgot to eat, to sleep, to breath! He was totally seducted, trapped into my feet fetish show! ShoeFetishAddict hahaha. He thought im just another fetish model, now he knows .... Im The One and Only !

shoe slave? shoe addict or just shoe lover?

Nov 2nd @ 6:33pm EST

I know..addictions are bad u might say..but u all have your addictions, im highest one! Im your addiction, and what I have is so unreal. I love shoes, i keep buying, i keep wanting more, u keep buying me more, why and how could i stop? why would i ? we both share same love for sexy high heels. What i want now? More fuckign heels, i love to make you pay for it, i love to make u kiss it and worship it ! We're just shoe lover we say ....

Great first period time - new

Nov 2nd @ 6:27pm EST

So, i though is best i remind you all that im here on this site for only two weeks, i had a great experience to meet such helpful people here that made me a bit more kind. I have already won two contests in here and all this cause of my boys supporting me.
About me.... sundays im offline, i always go to relax, play pool have a drink... u should be serving me the drink. Do u even know my favorite drink?

Spoilt Halloween

Oct 30th @ 12:42pm EDT

Happy Halloween, one of my good slave boys, Benefactor have bought me some sexy costumes for Halloween and now im wearing it for you boys, he somehow paid for you to get spoilt wiht my outfits. Great time an dfun making him pay for it, he got teased, seduced and wallet milked. I am sure u will all love my costumes, and he worked hard to be able to buy it for me, now im going to use the costumes he paid for , to make u all weak . His weakness made him so generous that he paid well for my attention, good job my slave boy !

im excited to change your opinion on domination

Oct 27th @ 9:42pm EDT

Ones that really know Me, will get to discover a big surprise, im a smart generous lady, not just dominant, if i hold a wip an di love to train submisisve men into their fetishes, doesnt mean that i am just a sick wierdo. I do know some of u put feelings in here. this is why i will try to be as nice as possible with my good boys. Let me discover you, i know u were looking for me and now we're here , let me train your fetishes. I never thought this site is good and i could find any submisisve men,it proved i was wrong, there are lot of sub men which really supports me, already fans

Tease and Denial, homewrecking, domination

Oct 24th @ 8:04pm EDT

I get so fucking excited on teasing him and then laughing in his face! Every time I call him and tell him to come online so I can make him cum - he believes me. He gets his pc and hide only to yet again be teased for hours, and made to satisfy ME while he is ordered to hold that cum, denied!!! I can be a mean little bitch when I don't get my way, and tease and denial is the perfect revenge!
I put him undress and start to worship me, while i let him know how perfect I am, I ask him to compare everything his wife/gf has and what I have, always the best, he never find anything he likes anymore about his woman, Im so hot that no men alive can resist my charm if i want it ! Im good in getting what I want so i also like to make them perform different humiliation fantasies, soft cbt, sometimes anal play, while he dreams one day after he fully satisfy my commands he might get to cum for me. Always close enough but not quite haha. He knew at that point he would get NO satisfaction today. He was here to be played with. He was here for tease and denial, not release. I tell him how sexy I am, how my pussy is to be worshiped how he should sniff my panties, how he should get me sitting on his face and how he will never have it cause he is already in a relationship and he doesnt worth it. So there we go, he starts to beg and make promises that he will leave her, and he will even humiliate her, hurt her, send her away, divorce, separate, anything just to give him a hope that one day ill be happy with him and allow him cum, even more maybe one day ill give him the honor to adore and worship ... and make him total addicted forever.
Find out for yourself what a ball-busting, cock-teasing Bitch I can be!

Fetish of the year Homewrecking, humiliation, findom- a dangerous addicting combo

Oct 24th @ 7:58pm EDT

I see that fetish of 2015 is homewrecking, how comes i've always done that but u guys seem to discover it and talk a lot about it just now, u were so shy by now, u couldnt see yourself begging me to insult,you even wanted me to humiliate your woman at home, u didnt thought u will be dreaming i show myself to your gf and she will feel extremely humiliated while im telling u to cheat on her with me, to forget her and have Me in your mind, anyway u dont satisfy her either... ill take my strapon and ill do it (i'll fuck her), but then...dont wonder why she will be looking for me loser, she may leave u and look for me, my strapon is exaclty what she might need to feel after all she gets is your useless small dick. Let's be serious i can anytime ruin your relationship, and ure fukcing hard right now, even the shy ones gets to touch at least onces their ineffective dickie. Those who served me long time ago, keep craving bitch, keep dreaming about me using u , if i chat to u doesnt mean i have u back as my slave! fucking work that ass to please me, i know u can do better than a lil one time tip! keep tributing until i say "bravo"! I'll post a nice funny chat with one of my slaves that realised he would love me to fuck up his relationship hahaha.

what it means Female Supremacy?

Oct 23rd @ 8:05pm EDT

I've been asked many time , what makes Me different, why i see myself Superior ? Simple, cause im aware of my power over men, cause i know what you crave for and i know how to use that on you. Lets see where it begins...The entire porn/stripper/escort industry is fueled by the male's inability to control their sexual desires. So what have women done? Learned to feed that need and make money off of men's weaknesses.There is a difference and in light of some of the most disgusting behavior I've seen in a while between not only Dommes and subs.I RESPECT every single woman until that woman proves she doesn't deserve the respect, and unfortunately there are MANY of you ladies out there who are not only NOT LADIES you are certainly no Domme.
Being a Superior Female means more mind control, ability to make men weak without going naked necesarry. That should be a last option. Geeting all men at your feet and making them crave for your attention means Dominating them, to be able to make them submit into fetishes u want, make them submissive when they are not ! That means to be a Dominant .

I want to be your favorite fetish model

Oct 23rd @ 1:57pm EDT

Amazing being here, only few days since im here and im already in love with site. I have found many submissive boys , respectful ones that offers me the chance to share my experience into domination with them. Im happy to found out that also nonsubmisisve boys also add me to favorite and choose me to become their top model even i dont offer porn shows. I am pleased to announce all my fans that im soon going to be in the top and im also proud of Myself. I guarantee my good boys a quality proffessional fetish show. As long as you respect the fact i dont get naked or i dont give sex shows in private, ure all welcome to be seduced in the most glamorous way, an exquisite smart mind , i'll make you kneel and worship me no matter ure sub or not. Give me the opportunity to make you feel like u never had felt before, trapped by my beauty, my bitchy style, elgant but same time irressistible will make u stay.

About fetishes

Oct 23rd @ 1:50pm EDT

I feel the need to remind my boys that i dont offer any teamviewer fetishes, cuckold where u get to insult or se me as whore, no dirty shows,no porn sex shows, ust not my kinky pleasure. Im that type of glamorous spoiled girl that is hard u could approach, that asks u to sacrifice to be able to afford her, that u crave for her attention. Once u get my approval to serve me, u become surprised of how smart, experienced, understanding, creative i am! I offer you many fetishes, fetishes that i enjoy to perform it, fetishes that i love to explore on you, i always search for a middle way when is about a fetish i dont often offer. I love my foot worshiped, any type of heels, legs, foot worship.I love my body adored, ass, cleavage, face, hair etc. I love sissy boys, ones that dress up in girlie clothes, that play ass for me on cam, ones that clean the house wearing pink panties, slaves into humiliation, so fun when i get entertained by a slave that really seeks to make me laugh and even paying for that. Cbt, pain, torture, this extreme fetishes i tried it in real on few slaves and i still consider pain is part of fetish when ure over that worship part and u want something more kinky, mind control is that deep fetish where you want to surrender, to be trapped into my web, to let yourself guided by me, where i explain ou what i know what\'s better for you, why u feel how u feel, what u want what u want, phschological therapy, conffessions, tell me your weaknesses and i\'ll make you beg me to use you more. Financial fetish...uhhh damn only when i mention it i become excited and horny, i love to take your money, but to make u beg me to have it, to milk you, to take more from u , i love it when u beg me to allow u pay more just so u see me satisfied. Ask me about your fetish, for sure we will find a way that i could train and help u into it. As long as u open your fantasies to me, i always find the trickiy part ot make u weak about it, addicted with me.

How did i discovered My dominant feelings?

Oct 19th @ 11:55am EDT

How did i got here, why fetish, since when, what for? Well, I am educated, intelligent dominant woman, I was taught to take responsibility for my actions, to be self-reliant and to be a leader of men. Gradually becoming aware that this path( the dummy regular smiling,horny girl classy type) wasn't for me, I've astounded myself, friends and family with a deep creativity that I frequently access and i found the online fetish world where i can express myself as i feel. The light has turned on inside me and I'm now very actively engaged in changing myself from the stereotype I was lead to believe in, to being someone who is embracing a completely different way of thinking. I've seen the wealth of opportunities around me in all aspects of my life, and I've even discovered that I can trust my intuition!I highly value friends who take action to go against the flow and take a risk in life to fulfil their passions and dreams; it is far better to have tried and failed than to be a weak and timid soul who never tried at all.
I'm actively trying to be a "good domina, a good therapyst, a good company on cam, the best in what i do" in everyone I meet and to appreciate the colour they bring into my life and online"...the color they bring to my account, their colorful cash hehehe.
People that know the public me would likely describe me as reliable, honest, conservative, organised, successful, determined, flexible, respected and a decision maker. I think it would blow their socks off if they had even the slightest inkling that the inside you,there is a burning desire for a private life where you serve and obey me with being the one in control.

Why I'm the best dominant you've been looking for?

Oct 17th @ 4:30pm EDT

Is time u review how many years u've lost looking for a good dominant woman, how long were u looking for the right one to understand your needs, to complete with u , to guide u and show u a good way to become totally submisisve. you lost lot of time trying different online girls trying to find someone to play your fetish , to make u feel enslaved, owned but surprise....u keep coming back at Me, no matter how hard u try to hide, to disapear and say u toke a break, familly issues, business problems, financial lack of money, felt too much addicted...... all this excuses, just reasons u invent to protect yourself from becoming obbsessed with me.
I'll tell u something, is too late, I already trapped u , seducing u was easy, brainwashing u was easy, i mold u into what i want, i play u as i like, i have fun on u , i make u do things u never thought u would do for any other online girl. I know online is not same thing with real, but tell me, how many of u out there have balls, time, privacy, courage, trust to visit a real domina and serve her, u dont fear of your personal life anymore? I know u wish but u cant. Thats why u keep coming back to me, where u feel safe cause im a Pro, but i make u feel fear, confused, loved, humiliated, used, abused, any feeling u need to have, Im the one that knows better what u need.

Is time u submit!

Is time u stop searching!

Is time u kneel down and serve!

Is time u stop wondering and ask questions...u know what u have to do.

Submit to Me


Serve and please Me

Tribute Me

Spoil Me

Work hard for Me

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